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Drummer Available - Dunedian, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 06-29-2014 ... 20:45 EST
Tour drummer seeking working acts. Available for fly out dates. Performance pay negotiable pending accommodations. Pro gear and attitude 100 percent of the time. Bio and resume upon and request. Contact Bud-d-lee 727-512-3633Serious inquiries only please ... 8340937 ... Contact: 727-512-3633

Vocalist Available - hernando, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 06-14-2014 ... 17:24 EST

Vocalist Wanted - St. Petersburg, FL ... Submitted: 06-11-2014 ... 06:02 EST
Forming "Who" Tribute band. (Florida +) We are seeking a Roger Daltrey singe-A-Like. Rest of band is in place. Above average $$$$. MUST have good attitude, personality, be a team player. Also must have equipment and transportation. Management in place, bookings to follow. Serious musicians only,., Please submit all you tube videos and bio to us. Thanks Gene Santa Maria GSM Talent Management ... 2361047 ... Contact: Gene

Entertainment Promoter Wanted - St Petersburg, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 05-27-2014 ... 16:45 EST
Record Label SOULHOPNATION LLC out of St Petersburg seeking promoter to promote the Label and its artist and there recent hot pop singles, out of ideals and trying to get this fresh and great music out to the public as well as finding local gigs, we have a unique mobile concert stage that can convert any parking lot into a concert event or park of field or inside whatever the gig calls for. The artist have a hot new single called U R Amazing. ... 5292738 ... Contact:

Bassist Available - Zephyrhills, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 04-20-2014 ... 12:48 EST
Bassist 39y/o looking for working band I have a solid steady groove can also sing I have more pro gear than I what to do with and I have good transportation. Looking for a working situation that works a lot. I have touring and recording experience. I want to work as much as I can I know I'm not going to get rich but I would like to make a profit. That means no 5 piece bands working for 300.00. Anyways I'm willing to travel for the right situation and I'm a fast learner. Chuck (813)924-1034 ... 4154636 ... Contact:

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Join Sunken Gardens For A Day Trip
Aug 23
Edison Ford Winter Estates
Tuesday, October 7, 2014 7:45 am – 5:00 pm
Members: $62 / Non-Members: $72
Includes round trip transportation via 55 passenger air-conditioned motor coach, guided Botanical Tour of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates grounds followed by a self-guided audio tour of the historic winter homes and Edison Ford museum. Also includes morning coffee before boarding the bus, afternoon snack and driver’s tip. Lunch will be on your own: You may bring a bag lunch, eat at the Banyan Café on the grounds or lunch at Pinchers at The Marina at Edison Ford, a full-service restaurant located next door.
Visitors to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers will enjoy 20 acres of historical buildings, historic gardens, the Edison Botanic Research Lab and the Edison Ford Museum. The newly restored buildings include the Edison Main House, Guest House, and Caretaker’s House and the Ford House. The 1929 historic landscape is throughout the property including the award winning Moonlight Garden. The Edison Ford Museum has hundreds of inventions, artifacts and special exhibits.
Throughout the year, this National Register Historic Site, Florida Historic Landmark and Winner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Restoration Award offers visitors of all ages a chance to step back into “old Florida” and the opportunity to learn more about the world through unique historical, scientific and cultural experiences. In 2014 the Edison Botanic Research Laboratory was designated as a National Historic Chemical Landmark by the American Chemical Society.
227 21323 21600 21323 21600 0 -227 0"225 21319 21600 21319 21600 0 -225 0"REGISTER by calling Sunken Gardens at 727-551-3102 to reserve your space via credit card or stop by the Gardens during business hours.

Your PAID REGISTRATION holds your spot.

MUST HAVE a minimum of 35 participants in order for trip to go.
Don’t miss out. Please invite your friends.
Legendary Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Announces Borgata Performances Through 2016
Aug 20
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is pleased to announce the addition of seven shows with Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning comedian Jerry Seinfeld, performing at Borgata's intimate 2,500-seat Event Center. Seinfeld will continue his series through 2016, with tickets on sale this Friday (August 22nd) for his first show scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend - Saturday, November 29th, 2014.

"I've been coming to Borgata for four years now, and it has become one of my favorites," said Jerry Seinfeld. "You put people from New York, New Jersey and Philly into a great room, at a well-run place, and it's always fun. I'm happy to come back as often as they will have me."

"As host to some of the biggest names in music and comedy, Borgata could not be more excited to extend our relationship with one of the most seminal and groundbreaking comedians of the past 30 years," said Senior Vice President of Operations, Joe Lupo. "Jerry Seinfeld continues to delight audiences with his world-renowned, sold-out stand-up routine; one that we are ecstatic to continue to offer our customers as they come to the preeminent destination for entertainment in Atlantic City."

About Jerry Seinfeld
Entertainment icon Jerry Seinfeld's comedy career took off after his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1981. Eight years later, he teamed up with fellow comedian Larry David to create what was to become the most successful comedy series in the history of television: Seinfeld. The show ran on NBC for nine seasons, winning numerous Emmy, Golden Globe and People's Choice awards, and was named the greatest television show of all time in 2009 by TV Guide, and in 2012 was identified as the best sitcom ever in a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll.

Seinfeld has also starred in, written and produced movies (Comedian, Bee Movie), directed and produced a Broadway hit (Colin Quinn Long Story Short), and even wrote a best-selling book (Seinlanguage) and a children's book (Halloween).

Seinfeld's latest project is the Emmy-nominated web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, seen exclusively on Crackle and Now in its fourth season, the series has garnered critical acclaim, having been described by the New York Times as "impressively complex and artful."

Seinfeld currently resides in New York with his wife and three children.

Tickets for this performance are priced at $165, $145, $125 and $95. They can be purchased through, or by calling 866-900-4TIX (4849).

About Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Located at Renaissance Pointe in Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa features 2,000 guest rooms and suites; 161,000 square feet of gaming; 182 gaming tables; 3,094 slot machines; an 80+ table poker room; 10 retail boutiques; 5 acclaimed fine dining restaurants by renowned chefs; 8 casual dining options; a 54,000 square foot spa; 70,000 square feet of event space; 4 signature nightlife experiences; and parking for 7,100 cars. The market-leading resort also features Atlantic City's first cosmopolitan hotel experience, The Water Club at Borgata, with 800 guest rooms and suites; a 36,000 square foot spa; 18,000 square feet of meeting space; 6 designer retail boutiques; and 5 heated indoor and outdoor pools. Borgata also offers online gaming within the state of New Jersey through its real-money gaming sites and
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Aug 13

Nadaka & Gopika, on the new album Surya Chants of Light, create their own unique world-fusion music by mixing traditionally-sung vedic mantras with the sounds of a specially-designed guitar from India.

UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2003 officially proclaimed the tradition of vedic chanting “a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.” What makes Surya Chants of Light unusual in today’s music marketplace is that these classic, traditional mantras are carefully sung in the original sanskrit, following the exact pronunciation and specific intonation that has been passed down in the culture of India for thousands of years. At the same time, the accompanying music has a contemporary ambience because it subtly combines traditional Indian-raga elements with the performance of Western-style guitar as well as a variety of instrumentation created on guitar-synth.

This is the first CD as a duo by Nadaka & Gopika (nah’-da-ka and goh-pea-ka). Nadaka has been a performing and recording artist for the past three decades and he has eight previous albums as a solo artist or collaborator, and all of those world-fusion recordings have been highly successful in India. Gopika studied traditional sanskrit mantras in their original ancient form for four years at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, and she went on to become a teacher of chants for another eight years in South India, also offering workshops on the power of vedic sounds at significant world conferences. This husband-and-wife musical duo has toured in India, Europe and North America, and Gopika has made select previous appearances on recordings by Nadaka. Their union in life and music is distinct in the way their voices merge in absolute unison on their duet album.

More information about Nadaka & Gopika is available at their websites (, and Their Surya Chants of Light album and Nadaka’s previous recordings are available as CDs and digital download tracks from online sales sites such as CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and many others.

“These mantras carry deep hidden truths,” explains Gopika. “When chanted in their original form they can stimulate the higher mind, rejuvenate the body and bring a sense of infinity to the soul. The magic lies in reaching beyond the mental sphere to touch a realm where these sound-syllables and their intonation combine to create a transcending experience. We respect the power, inherent beauty and vibrations of these mantras. Vedic mantras are pure sounds that were first heard by the Rishis in ancient times. The chants carry a powerful energy that has been passed down over millenniums as seeds of divine knowledge creating an eternal bridge from the past to the future. These mantras remain a timeless expression of our human aspiration to transcend and experience a sense of oneness with the universe.”

Nadaka adds, “Our goal is to create music that uplifts and awakens with the hope that our creation resonates with each listener. We have integrated these chants into a contemporary musical setting inspired by our search to connect these ancient sacred sounds to our lives in the present day.”

Surya means sun in sanskrit and that is the theme of the album -- the sun, sunlight and our inner light. Surya Chants of Light contains eight songs ranging from 4,000-year-old vedic mantras to more recent Indian hymns, some of which are a part of everyday life in India. All were chosen for this album because of their connection to the sun and light.

“Suryaya Swaha” begins with a musical prelude that sets the musical tone of the album, like a birth into the world. Then the song starts the powerful vocal call of the “Beeja Mantras” (seed sounds) that are said to resonate with the energy of the sun. This is followed by the soft Suryaya Swaha vocal which Gopika calls “a traditional invocation to the elements of fire and light.” “Arogya Mantra” is a mantra sung by Gopika in its original ancient form. “It connects each part of the body, mind and spirit to its original source that is light as a call for integral health.” Here Nadaka’s guitar has a very acoustic feel, weaving gentle harmonies into the piece and ending with an extended guitar solo that is reminiscent of soft Celtic melodies.

“Gayatri Mantra” is an introduction to the energy of the sun and used for seeking the light of knowledge. The “Gayatri” has often been heard in works by other artists on new age music albums. However, here is an elaborated version of this chant as it was originally taught to the initiate as a complex sequence of sounds and syllables offering a way to enter deeper into the vibration of the mantra. “Navagraha” is a combination of mantras recognizing the energy balance between the nine planets and the sun that is set to an uplifting tune with guitar and tabla. “Suryashtakam” has eight verses dedicated to the sun written by 16th Century poet Shankaracharya and set to a classical composition by Gopika. This piece also features an electric/synth guitar solo that weaves throughout along with various percussion loops and atmospheric sounds.

“Dakshinam” features Nadaka playing deep traditional sounds on his “Raga Guitar” later merging with vocals by Nadaka who overdubbed multiple vocal parts to create the atmosphere of a group of Brahmins (priests) chanting in a temple. “Surya Namaskar” uses 12 sanskrit names of the sun chanted as a salutation to our closest star. This piece is traditionally chanted in synchronization with the 12 yoga postures to the rising sun. “Chidakash” is an instrumental finale which Nadaka says “represents going beyond the human world to another place, another realm. Since everything, including ourselves, is made of stardust or sun particles, the final step is to return to that state and merge back into the light.”

Four guest musicians make appearances on this album: Karthick Iyer on violin (track 7), Ganesh Basavaraj on tabla and percussion (track 5), R. Rajkumar on ghatam (track 2), and Keshava on tabla (track 4). Keshava (Gopika’s son) was 10 years old at the time of recording, but he was already a seasoned musician who played the tabla since age two. When he was seven, he performed center-stage surrounded by a thousand percussionists from all over India at the 2010 opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games (broadcast on television internationally).

Most of the musical accompaniment on the album was created by Nadaka on his “raga geet-tar,” so named because “geet” in sanskrit means song and “tar” is string (“the singing strings”). It is a one-of-a-kind, guitar-like instrument that he designed and built so that he could play it like a standard acoustic guitar (six main strings), or create the sounds of several traditional Indian instruments. The geet-tar has two chikari strings used to sound like the ancient veena (ancestor to the sitar), 13 harp strings generating the sound of a swara mandala (similar to a harp or zither), and four drone strings to capture the feeling of the tanpura. The geet-tar also has a scalloped fret-board (allowing more bending of the strings) and moveable frets to increase versatility of more notes (microtones between the fixed notes of Western music) as needed for raga music. Nadaka also plays the electric guitar-synth that he uses both in recording and in concert to generate a rich variety of sounds such as piano, mellotron or bass.

Nadaka was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, and began playing various instruments at an early age before settling on guitar when he was 11. He decided to travel around the world when he was 16 and ended up in India where he lived for the next 30 years, primarily in the international community of Auroville that was founded in pursuit of deeper consciousness. Nadaka learned to play numerous Indian string instruments. He became an active member of India’s contemporary musical community, recording and performing with many top Indian musicians such as A.R. Rahman, Ganesh-Kumaresh, Vikku Vinayakram, Selvaganesh, Shivamani, and The Basavaraj Brothers. Nadaka’s popular world-fusion recordings include Straight to Your Heart (with Ganesh Kumaresh and Vikku Vinayakram), Celebration, Living Colours, The Lotus Trilogy (a three-CD set) featuring the Tibetan monks of the Ganden Monastery and many other renowned Indian artists, Live in Paris (with The Basavaraj Brothers) and Medley (a selection of earlier released and previously-unreleased tracks from 1992 to 2008).

Gopika was born in Mumbai, India, the daughter of well-known artist and patron of the arts Prafulla Dahanukar and grand-daughter of Kesarbai Bandorkar (a well-known Indian classical singer). Hailing from a family of singers, Gopika grew up taking lessons in Hindustani classical singing and was later drawn to the study of sanskrit mantra chanting. She lived more than 16 years in South India at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville where she met Nadaka. Her multi-dimensional persona has also long pursued other artistic endeavors such as visual art and photography. She has had several group and solo exhibitions at galleries in Mumbai, Auroville, Singapore, London and Portland, USA. Currently, as a synthesis of her research in visual form and vedic sound, she is creating immersive art installations that are meditative in nature using cut paper, light and sound as her medium. She says her artistic goal is “to create both art and music that brings the viewer to an inner state of quiet.”

Nadaka & Gopika presently live in Portland, Oregon. They perform concerts and offer workshops while continuing their artistic journey through art and music. In a joint statement they say, We have combined our talents to create music that communicates a sense of peace and stillness to our audience. Drawing inspiration from the soul of India that we cherish in our hearts, we make music that carries tradition to a new dimension. In a sense this simply reflects our experience of the deeper aspects of sound and vibration that surround us all.
Music CD Release
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST wraps up freeFall’s 2013/14 Season
Jul 15
ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (July 14, 2014) – – freeFall Theatre’s production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST will open August 2 for a limited run of only 22 performances. Previews begin on August 1 and the play closes on August 31. James Oliver (freeFall’s MISS JULIE, NBC’s Frasier) and award-winning actress Roxanne Fay (Creative Loafing’s Best Actress – Best of the Bay 2013) star and Eric Davis directs. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST is the final show of freeFall’s 2013/14 Season of Outcasts. freeFall’s new season begins in the fall with Stephen Sondheim’s INTO THE WOODS.

Oliver (McMurphy) and Fay (Nurse Ratched) are joined by Michael Nichols (Chief Bromden in 2001 Broadway Production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST).

Rounding out the large cast are Bob Devin Jones, Steve Garland, Larry Alexander, Ward Smith, Rick Stutzel, Robert Richards, Kara Goldberg, Natalie Symons, Aaron Washington, Greyson Lewis, Peter Konowicz and Hannah Benitez.

The design team includes Steven K. Mitchell (sets), Scott Daniel (costumes), Mike Wood Lighting Design (lights) and Eric Davis (sound).

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST is a Dale Wasserman stage version of Ken Kesey's novel. The book was also made into the famous 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson. freeFall’s production will be staged environmentally in the same vein of freeFall hits THE WILD PARTY, MAN OF LA MANCHA and CABARET. All seating will be General Admission as patrons will be seated on various styles of hospital furniture and will be placed amongst the action. Tickets are already going fast for the theatrical event of the summer.

Contact Matthew McGee at 727-498-5205 (X 7) for information on group rates and guided set tours. Adult ticket prices range from $29 - $44 and discount tickets can be obtained by contacting the box office.

For more information, visit or call (727) 498-5205.
TampaBay FL
JYN Joins Clear Track Recording Studios as Production Coordinator
Jul 07
Clearwater, FL –– Clear Track Recording Studios announced today that the talented Jennifer Day Morrison (aka Jyn), recording artist, songwriter, producer and programmer will be joining Clear Track Recording Studios as their Production Coordinator, responsible for managing artist relations, scheduling bookings, supporting marketing and promotion activities plus she is available for vocals, keyboard, songwriting and production projects at the Studio.
Signed to RCA subsidiary, BNA Records, she released a studio album “The Fun of Your Love” (co-writing many of the songs) in late 1999 and charted two singles on Billboard Hot Country Singles. The album’s title track was also featured in the Kevin Costner film “For Love of the Game.” Another track, “Completely”, later appeared on the soundtrack of the Ashley Judd/Natalie Portman film “Where the Heart Is”. Jyn’s music career was catapulted by her uniquely multidimensional voice and ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt performances. In 2008, Jyn produced her own solo pop album “Out of the Box”. After singing a jingle for Coca-Cola, she took her vocal, production and programming skills into the field of advertising, with the addition of voice overs for clients such as Polly Pocket and My Scene, plus promotional touring for Maytag with artists Kenny Chesney and Sarah Evans.
“I am thrilled to be part of the team at Clear Track Recording Studios. They are creating a buzz in the Tampa Bay music community and I want to be a part of the excitement,” said Jyn.
Anthony Little, Executive Director of Clear Track Recording Studios, explained “With almost 15 years in the music industry, Jyn is truly extraordinary! She has the unique blend of being an incredible musician as well as highly organized and competent in administration and will be a real asset to the Studio.”
About Clear Track Studios
Clear Track Recording Studios, located at 814 Franklin St., Clearwater, FL, was listed as one of Mix Magazine’s Hottest New Recording Studios for Class of 2010. This classic studio, designed by Wes Lachot, has a creative and friendly atmosphere in a relaxed environment with legendary instruments to inspire musicians of all genres.
To book your studio experience, call 727.449.8888, or visit us on the web at:
Press Contact:
Jyn Morrison
Music News
TampaBay FL
Just Plain Notes V2.017: 3 Things To Do RIGHT NOW!
Jul 07
Welcome to Just Plain Notes
Just Plain Notes: Volume 2.017, June 30, 2014
Written by Brian Austin Whitney
Visit the Website:
Mail CD's @ 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Copyright 2014 Just Plain Folks Productions.
Just Plain Folks Member Population: 50,091
Just Plain Folks on Facebook:
Brian on Facebook:
Brian on Skype: Brian Austin Whitney
Brian on Twitter: @TheBAWhitney
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Would you like to join the JPF Networking Message Boards?

It's quick and easy. Just click the link and choose a password and user name and you'll be posting in no time! We'd love to hear from and about you. You can get peer feedback on your music or lyrics, find people to co-write with, get answers to just about any music related question and promote yourself and your gigs on the appropriate boards. It's a very friendly place where over 20,000 of your peers hang out!

To register: (It's a separate registration from JPF membership):

A Note to All Just Plain Folks Members from Brian Austin Whitney

Hi Folks,

I am forgoing our normal newsletter format to ask you to do 3 things:

1. Net Neutrality: A Hilarious Call To Arms YOU NEED TO WATCH!

The first and most urgent reason is to get your attention to the most important and critical issue, which in part currently helps protect us against having all our OTHER freedoms taken away from us, and that involves THE INTERNET and NET NEUTRALITY!

Yes, I have written about this exhaustively as have a myriad of others (just type in Net Neutrality into Google and start reading) and we've worked with our partners at the Future of Music Coalition for years fighting for this issue with some early success, but a recent epic loss.

So... at this last chance moment, I want you to watch something that does the best job of explaining how serious this is, with a LOT of humor, and is the best I have seen anyone do it so far. The link goes to the Last Week Tonight segment from John Oliver. You'll laugh a lot, and perhaps it will all finally make sense to you if it hasn't in the past.

So PLEASE take the time to watch it. We have no vested interest in it beyond helping all of us maintain this free and open Internet we all depend on:


Then go to: www.FCC.GOV/COMMENTS and tell them what you think!

2. 2014/2015 Just Plain Folks Music Awards

We want your music! If you still have CD's of your stuff and haven't sent them to us, please send us a copy for the next Just Plain Folks Music Awards! As always, this is free to do.

Send a copy, with all your contact info including social media, phone numbers, email and mailing address (in case you win something) to:

Just Plain Folks Music Awards
5327 Kit Dr.
Indianapolis, IN
46237 USA

And if you have musician friends, please welcome them to enter as well. Just have them sign up via our home page so we can contact them via this newsletter.

Record Labels are welcome to submit your rosters to us directly!

Please make sure all the song credits are included in the liner notes or on a sheet of paper if needed along with your entry. ALL Genres and ALL levels of people are welcome to enter, we recognized 100 different genres of music last time around from 167 countries! If you have questions, please contact me (Brian) at:

Anything released from 2010-2014 is eligible!

3. Do you make music with your computer or samples? Then please read on!

For those of you making music using Virtual Instruments on your computer, there's going to be a great class/Q&A Session on TAXI TV tonight at 4PM Pacific and 7PM Eastern Time USA.

Follow the link below to watch in real time and if you miss it, immediately after the show, it will be in videos archived at the same link on the right hand side.

Below is the complete info our friends from TAXI just sent out:
Using Virtual Instruments
Today On TAXI TV!
4pm (PDT) / 7pm (EDT)

Dear Passengers,

Virtual Instruments and Sample Libraries are an essential part of music production for most musicians in today's market. There's much to know about which ones work best, and how to use them effectively. And that's exactly what we're going to cover on today's TAXI TV!

Jeff Steinman is not only the President and CEO of Warp IV Technologies, he's also a TAXI member who gets hundreds of placements a year and uses Virtual Instruments to produce his music. Jeff will be joining us on today's episode to cover as many of these topics as we have time for:

Background on sample libraries
Difference between good and bad libraries
Ways of working with sample libraries (keyboard, EWI, wind controller, mouse, drums, other)
Working with articulations and special composition techniques
Demonstrations of various libraries with different styles (big/small orchestral, jazz, rock, Christmas, quirky, etc.)
Special issues with mixing and mastering using samples (especially for large ensembles)
Examples of pieces Jeff has composed using libraries he's created, and others, including:

WarpIV Hollywood Studio Brass and Woodwind Collection (HSBWC)
WarpIV Electric Guitar
WarpIV Killer Bongos
Superior Drummer (and others)
Trilian Bass
Vienna Symphony Library
East West Symphonic Library and Choir
RealiTone (background vocals)
Native Instruments - Kontakt (tons of instruments and synths)

Jeff will also be giving away a copy of his Screaming Trumpet (original version) library to the first viewer to figure out the time signature of one of the pieces he's going to play. Fun! And don't forget to use the link to the show to register with Ustream so you can be part of the live online chat and take your shot at naming the time signature!

This show is going to be AWESOME! Set an alarm on your smart phone, and join us live at 4pm (PDT) / 7pm (EDT) TODAY!!!

Click this link to watch the live show (and sign up to use the chat room):

As always, you should check out TAXI at

Learn, Succeed and Thrive! We're All In This Together! Just Plain Folks

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