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Vocalist Available - palm harbor, FL ... Submitted: 01-22-2016 ... 20:13 EST
Arabic singer available for parties and occasions. the type of songs you wish for. ... 824666 ... Contact:

Drummer Wanted - Clearwater, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 11-09-2015 ... 18:10 EST
TOMMY ROXX (& NUTHIN' FANCY) is looking for a new full time drummer. TOMMY ROXX is an original/cover band with one CD out and a second one in the works. NUTHIN' FANCY is the ultimate Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute experience with National exposure. ~ You would get to be in BOTH bands.You must be able to play multiple styles. You need to be able to play Southern Rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, & the Allman Brothers, Classic Rock like Bad Co, Stevie Ray & Bob Seger, Nugent, and Dance Funk Soul styles as well. You must be a real team player, no drug or alcohol issues, and a pro attitude and gear etc.....NOTE: If you don't have a day job or other means of survival ~ you will not make a living playing in this band - we do it for the music and the fun.......... ... 3203851 ... Contact: Tommy 727-204-0491

Bassist Wanted - clearwater, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 09-22-2015 ... 17:15 EST
working cover band seeks bassist asap. we are booked! travel sometimes required. looking for a pro, good gear, fast learner, knows RUSH tunes!, open to run a direct rig for small clubs, can sing lead or strong backing, must have a cool young rocker look! talent is important, for this gig so is image. please submit a video when responding. we also do an OZZY/SABBATH tribute band and an original band. one group of guys, three facets. visit for songlist. ... 109894 ... Contact:

Drummer Available - Crystal River, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 07-29-2015 ... 12:08 EST
DRUMMER AVAILABLE- CLASSIC ROCK- heavier side of. & Originals.looking for established band. I do live in Crystal River, Flaso be close. tonyd 352-586-3022 ... 8469733 ... Contact: tonyd 352-586-3022

Drummer Wanted - st pete/ clearwater, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 07-26-2015 ... 13:38 EST
experienced lineup seeks solid drummer for classic hard rock and metal band, covers and originals for more information call 727 219-7152 or 727 804-5864 ... 2516012 ... Contact:

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Jan 23
RITA HAYWORTH: THE HEAT IS ON! Starring Quinn Lemley on Friday February 12 and Saturday February 13th at 8 pm. This sexy, witty musical takes you lovingly by the hand with Quinn known for her uncanny resemblance to Hayworth, from her flowing red hair to show stopping performances – Backed by a sizzling 12 piece big band under the music direction of Daniel Lincoln (Nat’l Tour: Midtown Men). Costumes by Wendall Goings (Rock of Ages) Written and directed by Carter Inskeep (Always Patsy Cline).

This riveting 90-minute musical journey, reveals the rise and fall of Columbia Pictures greatest star, Rita Hayworth as performed by Lemley. Lemley recently played Largo Cultural Center with the hit show Burlesque To Broadway last November. The Wall Street Journal proclaims it would be “impossible for another singer-actress with the talent, the charm, the energy and the vivaciousness, not to mention the sensuality to pull it off.”

Hollywood’s Golden Age is revealed as never before. The Love Goddess’ dramatic story of becoming Columbia’s biggest star under the guise of the ruthless chairman of Columbia, Harry Cohn. Conflicting worlds of fantasy and reality with riveting stories of marriages to Orson Welles & Prince Aly Khan and co-stars Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Featuring over 20 hit songs from her life and career, Put the Blame On Mame, Bewitched, Zip –and iconic films, Gilda, Pal Joey, Cover Girl & more performed by the incomparable, Quinn Lemley. The New York Post said, “You don’t even have to squint your eyes to see that Rita is in the room.”

Quinn Lemley is the star of the hit shows, Burlesque to Broadway & Rita Hayworth The Heat Is On! The New York Times defines her performances as "Dazzling...with one show stopping number after another!" She has been seen on Good Morning America, Oprah and was a finalist on ABC’s Shark Tank. 

Quinn is proud to be a brand ambassador for Joseph Ribkoff Couture. Makeup provided by MAC Cosmetics.
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Dec 22
Paz del Castillo

Paz del Castillo returns with a new album titled Now that confirms her status as one of Europe’s top solo pianists. She says the recording “is an affirmation, a tribute to the present, to everyday life.”

The music of del Castillo, who lives in her home country of Spain, has a unique vitality and underlying thoughtfulness. One of the best at creating moods, del Castillo brings sensitivity, gentle passion and soulfulness to her playing. She composes the music for her recordings, and her writing demonstrates her considerable background, training and studies in the world of traditional classical music. Stylistically she writes memorable melodies and explores them with several variations on the theme, and uses an active left hand to present entwining counter-melodies and other motifs juxtaposed against the original melody line.

Del Castillo’s Now (released through The Borderline Music label) -- and her earlier recordings Moods for Piano, Secrets (Secretos - In Concert) and Eleven Drops -- are available in CD format and as digital downloads internationally through a variety of online shopping sites including Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, eMusic and many others. For more information about Paz del Castillo, go to www.pazdelcastillo dot com. Eleven Drops, her first recording to be marketed extensively globally, went Top 10 on the international Zone Music Reporter 100 Chart for contemporary instrumental music, and also made the ZMR list of the 100 Best Recordings for 2012 (from a group of more than 2,300 albums).

In December 2015 del Castillo will perform the music from Now in concert in Madrid, Spain. Throughout Europe, del Castillo has won numerous prestigious awards, performed at important concert halls, and studied at top music schools. In addition to her demanding career as a performer, composer and recording artist, she also teaches select students. Although primarily a solo performer on piano, del Castillo occasionally plays as part of a duo (either with a violinist or another pianist), a trio and a chamber orchestra. With a violinist, del Castillo has performed classical concerts in recent years featuring music by Bach, Chaconne, Mozart, Beethoven, Kreisler, Granados and Prokofiev. In addition, del Castillo’s first album was produced in California by renowned new age pianist Suzanne Ciani whom del Castillo also toured with in Spain.

Now opens with the piece “Unchain Me,” which Paz says “has a very special meaning. It is a message, a call to the infinite to release the chains on our minds, spirits or emotions. Sometimes you get caught in the chains of life and feel you cannot go on, that you can do nothing. The high notes I play are like a call to the world, to a better future.”

For the tune “Sobre el Cabo de Mar,” del Castillo was thinking about the ocean and the beach near where she lives in Spain. “To get to the ocean I walk through big meadows to these beautiful and stunning high-cliffs where the sea hits the rocks, and then down the cliffs to reach the sand. There is a small but beautiful cove called Cabo de Mar and from there you can see the beach. I love to sit at the top of the cliffs and breathe the sea air which my mother taught me to love. I also like to look off into the distance at the ocean’s seemingly infinite horizon. With this music it is like I am sitting there with the wind in my face, watching the beauty, enjoying this simple but great pleasure of life.”

The composition “Mother” is “a tribute to my mother, where I come from, who taught me what life is. Her example inspires me, protects me and guides me. With a thread of life she resists because she is strong, because she loves life.”

“Swinging With The Trees” was inspired by watching the trees on windy days. “There are many trees where I live -- eucalyptus, beech, apple, chestnut, ash and walnut -- and on windy days they move side-to-side all together as if it is choreography, swinging back-and-forth like a musical rhythm.”

“Hymn” is a very slow and stately progression or march. “It is a hymn to life, to humanity and to having a respect for life. There is such barbarity around us, the idea is to stop and realize the importance of our lives which is the most sacred thing there is.”

The music of “En el Aire” came from a dream del Castillo had in which “I saw myself floating above the people and the streets of the city where I lived.”

She explains that the tune “Painting Colors” is “a tribute to Impressionism, both music and painting, like the touches of colors of Debussy. It means to paint colors with piano notes, just close your eyes and paint your home, the air, the sea, anyone you know.”

The final piece on Now is “Tom,” a musical tribute to her dog. “He is big sheepdog, crude and clumsy, but also very noble. We have been together since he was a puppy, and although he is old now, he continues to play like when he was young which always draws a smile to my face. This music simulates the movement of his games and pranks.”

Paz, who was born in Madrid and raised in Valladolid, started her music studies at the age of seven. “When I was a child I remember listening to all kinds of music -- classical, Spanish, Sixties and Seventies. My mother had Frank Sinatra records, and my oldest sister had vinyl of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Carpenters, James Taylor, Alan Parsons Project, The Bee Gees and Abba. Later I started buying my own records -- Culture Club, Aztec Camera, O.M.D., Simply Red and many others. My first classical album was Beethoven’s “3rd Piano Concerto” played by Aschkenazy. But I also discovered film music, soundtracks of great movies, and I started to love John Williams, Nino Rota, John Barry, Ennio Morricone and others. In the Nineties I began listening to Suzanne Ciani, George Winston, David Arkenstone and David Lanz as well as Celtic music.”

Del Castillo graduated from the Conservatory at Valladolid with a Music Professor (teaching) Degree specializing in piano. In recent years she became the founder and president of the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA). After graduation, she traveled to England to attend the Dartington International School of Music where she studied under professor and pianist Stephen Kovacevich. She returned to Spain and graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Musica Teresa Berganza - El Escorial in Madrid (high-level studies under professor Rosa M. Kucharski). At the National Youth Music Competition, del Castillo was a finalist her first year and the winner her second year as a composer and performer. Following a Masters Class with Argentinian professor and pianist Aquiles Delle-Vigne, she won a scholarship to study “technique and piano performance” with him at the Mozarteum Musik Akademmie in Salzburg, Austria, for a year. She won the Composition Award at the International Music Exchange Piano Competition which included traveling to North Wales to perform original material at the International Music Festival.

“I love books, art, paintings, architecture, sculpture and photography. I also love nature and taking long walks or gardening. I like to look at the beauty around me which gives me energy for life. I love animals, especially my dog. I enjoy cooking Spanish food, Mediterranean dishes and desserts. I like to go to hear concerts at small places like jazz clubs or piano bars. I go out with my friends to eat tapas and drink wine, or sometimes we simply get a coffee and talk,” says del Castillo.

“I firmly believe in the power of love and trying to understand what others feel. I hate lies, ingratitude, dishonesty, falsehoods, injustice and suffering. We have to fight it the best we can. One way is to use music. If you choose to be a musician, you have the responsibility to study music as a complex and complete art, to prepare and work hard, and to make music the best you can for others to enjoy.”
Music CD Release
Out of USA
Guitarist Jim Stubblefield Plays Acoustic And Electric On Encantado Album
Dec 01

Jim Stubblefield -- well-known for his Latin-style acoustic guitar playing with the popular touring and recording group Incendio that he co-founded -- unveils a new solo recording, Encantado, that demonstrates his versatility as a guitarist, composer and arranger. The album title derives from his appreciation of folklore and fantasy.

Encantado is a term that means charm, enchantment and even intimacy. It appears in Brazilian folklore as the general designation for a legend that begins in an underwater realm called “Encante” and encompasses mythical creatures including spirit beings, shape-shifting snakes and especially the “boto encantado” pink dolphin that lives in the Amazon River and its tributaries (the myth says that the boto is able to turn into a human form). There are tales of the dolphin attending dances and celebrations in villages along the rivers, and having intimate relations with humans (some South Americans claim to be related to the boto). The Encantado album cover illustration depicts a guitar next to a Brazilian river with a snake and pink dolphin.

“It’s a legend believed by many people who live deep in the Brazilian rain forests,” says Stubblefield. “I love that type of folklore. It obviously evolved from tribes swimming in rivers with friendly and playful dolphins. Encantado is an enchanting, mystical tale that I thought would serve as a good album title.”

Even though the Encantado recording features plenty of the Latin-style nylon-string acoustic-guitar-playing that Stubblefield has become known for on five previous solo albums and eight albums with his group Incendio, the new CD also subtly stretches beyond simply offering Latin music. While some of the tunes have the classic nuevo flamenco sound (“Puesta del Sol”), others offer hints and flavors of Arabic (“Beyond the Horizon”), Celtic (“Highland Dreams”), Middle Eastern (“Odyssey of Fire”), progressive-rock (“Phrygian Suite, Op. 1”), and neo-classical (“Terra e Sole”).

“With Incendio, the group makes decisions about the music, and we create a very specific sound that is a true collaboration,” explains Stubblefield. “But with my solo albums, I compose all the music and I like to reach out to other musical styles that I am interested in and incorporate some of what they have to offer. On Encantado I play not only nylon-string guitar, but also some steel-string and electric guitar as well as keyboards. I also brought in some excellent guest musicians who help take the music in new and exciting directions. Even though I play guitar on every composition, on some of them I decided to feature the viola playing the main melody or spotlight some female wordless vocalizing.”

On Encantado, Stubblefield is joined by Randy Tico (Strunz & Farah, Flora Purim & Airto) on bass, Novi Novog (David Arkenstone, Prince, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa) on viola and violin, Ramon Yslas (Luis Villegas, Strunz & Farah, David Sanborn, Christine Aguilera) on percussion, and Moksha Sommer (member of the neo-folk and world-rock group HuDost) on vocals. Guesting on one tune each are guitarists Eric Hansen and Mark Barnwell.

Stubblefield’s solo recordings are November, Cities of Gold, Rhythm of the Heart, Guitarra Exotica, Inspiracion and Encantado. His albums with Incendio (incendioband dot com) are Misterioso, Illumination, Intimo, Incendio, Dia Y Noche (also available as a DVD), Seduction, Vihuela and The Shape of Dreams.

Stubblefield was born and raised in Pasadena, California (and now lives about 30 miles north of Los Angeles). He started taking acoustic guitar lessons when he was eight-years-old and especially enjoyed playing songs by The Beatles. In high school he became enamored with British progressive rock bands such as Yes and Genesis, and heavy metal groups (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest), and at 17 started playing electric guitar. But Stubblefield also enjoyed the jazz-fusion stylings of guitarists such as Al Di Meola (“His blending of world-fusion and Latin-rock with improvisation was a huge influence”), John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny.

While attending the University of Redlands in Southern California, where he earned BA Degrees in both English and History, he played in a rock band that performed the hits of that era (INXS, U2, Duran Duran, The Cure). In addition, Stubblefield took music classes and jazz guitar lessons. After college he worked at the popular television show Entertainment Tonight for a year in the research department, but was pulled back to music. He took an intensive one-year program at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where Al Di Meola gave a Masters Class. “That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music.”

Stubblefield met Waleed Hamad from Kuwait, who played oud (a fretless Mid-Eastern lute) and who had performed with Ben Harper. Stubblefield and Hamad formed a duo, wrote their own material, and began gigging around Southern California. Stubblefield, now back on acoustic steel-string guitar, began absorbing the world music sounds of acts such as Shakti, Strunz & Farah, Paco de Lucia and artists from India and Greece. “Audiences loved our sound and I realized there is a market for world-fusion music.” In 1994 Stubblefield recorded and released his first album. In 1995 he switched to nylon-string Spanish-style guitar as his primary instrument. “I loved the sound and I knew I needed to put my energy into it.” His third album, Rhythm of the Heart, was nominated as “Acoustic Album of the Year” by New Age Voice. His music also appeared on Neurodisc/Priority Record’s compilation CD Pure Flamenco: Nuevo Flamenco Passion.

In late 1999 Stubblefield co-founded the Latin guitar oriented world music group Incendio with bassist Liza Carbe and guitarist Jean-Pierre Durand. They soon became a best-selling recording act, a popular concert attraction, and a group whose albums hit the Billboard, NAV and CMJ charts.

“Once Incendio got rolling I realized my solo projects were perfect opportunities for me to explore different directions musically. My solo career is a counter-balance to the group. My solo albums have been fairly diverse. I sort of stated my mission with the title of Guitarra Exotica in 2007 because I wanted my guitar to sound exotic but not tied necessarily to one style or culture. That album has some similarities to Encantado because on both I featured Novi Novog playing the viola as a main instrument on many of the tunes, with Randy Tico contributing a lot of fretless bass. Then Inspiracion in 2010 was completely different because it was a very stripped-down recording with just me on Spanish guitar, Randy on fretless bass and Bryan Brock on percussion. Now on Encantado I purposely went in a different direction with a big sound, full production, a variety of compositional styles, a blend of influences, and exciting interplay between the musicians.”

With Encantado, he says, “There are a certain number of Latin rhumba rhythms, but those are balanced with Arabic or Celtic inspirations. I have played Spanish-styled guitar throughout my career, but I am not a true flamenco guitarist. I bring in too many other influences. ‘Corazon de Fuego’ is gypsy-sounding. ‘Terra e Sole’ has a classical feel with the violin spotlighted. ‘Odyssey of Fire’ has Moroccan-style violin while I explore some jazz-fusion. ‘Phyrgian Suite, Op. 1’ is a nine-minute epic tip-of-the-hat to those long prog-rock songs I always loved with lots of different sections. It’s part Middle-Eastern, part old-school Al Di Meola, and part Enya meets Game of Thrones.”

According to Stubblefield, “My solo recordings are my personal vision, generally experimenting within the world-fusion genre, but not always strictly Latin. I take a little more of a cinematic approach on some pieces. Groups like Led Zeppelin demonstrated to me that it’s okay to have some pretty diverse music on each album.”
Music CD Release
Dec 01

“There is something special about mornings, the start of a new day,” explains musician Uwe Gronau. “In the morning the world is fresh and the possibilities stretch before us. Often it is peaceful before all of the day’s activities start. Mornings can be a mystical time good for contemplation, meditation and preparation. So I created a new album that I call Mystical Morning and it is full of positive, celebratory music that is like sunshine pouring onto a new day.”

This German keyboardist also says, “On Mystical Morning I wanted to offer a lot of different styles of music, some rocking and some gentle, some featuring acoustic piano and others using electronic sounds. There are many pieces with bass and drumming to make an ensemble sound. I enjoyed playing the organ on some tunes.”

Uwe Gronau (pronounced ooo-vuh grow-now) is a master of many musical styles with numerous eclectic recordings. His musical enthusiasm and boundless creativity cannot be contained. Primarily a keyboardist, on some tunes he plays solo piano, on others synthesizer or organ, and often he mixes together several keyboards, at times with guitars, bass, percussion, drums or other sounds. His music ranges from new age to space, from jazzy to progressive-rock, from ambient or avant-garde to extremely melodic with pop sensibilities. He only performs and records original music. Mystical Morning was produced by Gronau with his longtime musical associate Clemens Paskert.

Gronau has numerous previous CDs (some primarily available in Europe). Several are mostly instrumental music -- Midsummer, Seven Paintings, Sonnentempel, Nightwalker and Intuition. Others feature Uwe singing on many selections -- Children, The Beauty of the Sea, Someday, Ciel, Time is a Sound, Full Moon Forest and Time Rider. His latest albums -- Midsummer, Time Rider, Visions, Flight 14 and Thoughts of Tomorrow -- have been marketed internationally and all have climbed into either the Top 5 or the Top 10 on the monthly international Top 100 airplay Zone Music Reporter Chart.

Additionally Gronau has played on recordings by other artists including Luna Blanca and Angelique Damschen (also known as Aileen Rose). Gronau also is an author who wrote the acclaimed novel Senor Morales, a fantasy journey through Europe in search of a special Spanish musical instrument. The novel led to an audio-book version with music and speaking by Gronau. He also has published books of short stories -- Der Schneemann von Wagenitz; Zucker, Zaster und Zement; and Avantgarde, Chopin und frische Blumen.

The music on Mystical Morning was inspired by many different ideas and feelings. The album begins with the upbeat tune “Turn It On!” Gronau says, “Listen to this song louder than normal, especially the bass. Be positive, live your fantasies and enjoy the future.” The second tune, “A Day in Sri Lanka,” starts with the sounds of the jungle before kicking into high-energy with guest drummer and percussionist Ansgar Ueffink whom Gronau has known for 30 years (“My friend gives the song a free and easy feeling.”). “The music was inspired by a trip I took to Sri Lanka where I performed a piano concert and all the animals supported me! It was a full moon and the monkeys came and were sitting next to my piano -- an incredible experience.”

The title tune was inspired by nature. “I live near the woods and this tune describes the atmosphere of sitting in a clearing on a foggy morning in October watching the animals waking up.” On the album there are two versions of “Shy” -- the first is a piano and acoustic guitar piece and the second adds drums by Ansgar Ueffink. “Some people are so shy that they can’t be together with other people for very long, and sometimes shy people turn to music for happiness. I tried to make the music fragile and sensitive as a reflection of my personality.” There are two solo piano pieces -- “Metamorphose” (“Close your eyes and imagine changing into a figure in a fairy tale”), and “Colors of Spring” (“After winter, spring brings so many colors to lift our souls”). Another soft tune, featuring just piano and synth, is “The Day We Met,” written for a particular person that Gronau met when he went to a garage sale (“I bought nothing, but I got a wonderful smile”). Another fairly gentle number is “A Step Into Your Heart,” but this one has drums and an improvisational organ jam, and Gronau says it is “a love song without the words ‘I love you’.”

Counter-balancing the softer material are many rocking compositions utilizing bass and drums such as “Letter to Emerson,” a tribute to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, one of Gronau’s favorite acts. The fast-paced tune features powerful synthesizer and an energetic organ. “I have always been a great fan of Keith Emerson, and when I was a child I dreamt of playing a Hammond B-3 organ. I finally bought one in New York City in 1980 and it became my most beloved instrument.” Another track with organ is “Light Behind the Door” (“There is a light in our cellar and the door is always closed because no one goes in there, but at night we can see the light and it is a bit strange and scary”).

Some of the other rocking tunes are the powerful, full-bodied “Over the Bridge” (featuring acoustic guitar, organ, drums and synth including synth horns), “Mountain So High” (“When you have feelings you can’t describe, sometimes it is best to just enjoy the silence, as if you are standing on top of a mountain”), and the upbeat “Special Romance” (“I was thinking about when I fall in love with a new song and can’t get the melody out of my head”).

Gronau was born and raised in the Rhineland in northwest Germany, and grew up in Dusseldorf and Bocholt (where he currently resides) which is only a couple of miles from the Dutch border. “In the ‘70s and ‘80s the Netherlands were more involved in the evolution of jazz, pop, rock and soul than Germany, so I profited from this situation and heard much great music.” Uwe began playing piano at age six and grew up immersed in music as the son of a choir-leader, orchestra-conductor, music-school teacher and piano instructor.

In his early years Uwe studied classical music, but soon became passionate about jazz and rock artists such as Brian Auger, Keith Emerson, Patrick Moraz and Refugee, and Joe Zawinul and Weather Report. As Gronau got older, his musical tastes expanded to include Supertramp, Jethro Tull, Gilbert ‘O Sullivan, Keith Jarrett, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Dream Theater. When Uwe was 14 he began to play in a series of bands and built a reputation in the area for his musicianship and professionalism. One thing that always set Gronau apart from many other musicians is that from the beginning and continuing to today, Gronau has always played original material and has never covered compositions by others. In college, Gronau majored in music, German and theater-science.

Gronau’s band Sternberg recorded two albums, performed concerts frequently, won a regional music contest, was broadcast on Germany’s main radio channel (WDR), and also won a film music award (for the soundtrack of “Don’t Destroy the Rainbow Above Us”) at the International Santander Film Festival in Spain. Gronau’s next group was the synth-pop trio Fabrique. They performed the music for the German science-fiction TV-series “Orion Space Patrol,” made recordings and videos, appeared on TV shows, and wrote the song “Secret Land” which became a Top 10 global hit for the singer Sandra. Gronau moved on to the funky rock band Pont Neuf and recorded an album with them before going solo.

“Previously I have made albums about the night such as Nightwalker and Full Moon Forest, and songs like ‘Night Train,’ ‘Night on the Roof’ or ‘Night Visions’,” explains Gronau. “So for Mystical Morning I thought I would turn my attention and music to what comes after the night. If you have a mystical adventure in the morning, it can be the start of a very exciting day.”
Music CD Release
Out of USA
2015 Oakdale Christmas Light Display
Nov 29
This event is among the largest and longest running home displays in the
United States. This is our 39th year.

One-half acre in size, App. 1/4 million lights.
A walking yard tour that includes a small pond, several waterfalls &
An 18-train HO scale railroad, with moving planes and carnival rides.
Many animated & lit up figures and inflatables.
House covered with lights and window cabinet displays.
Bubble machines for the kids.
Power sources: Three electrical meters.
Takes a team about 3 months to install.
Among the top 3 finalists on NBC's Today Show, featured on HGTV's All
Out Christmas Special and in PEOPLE Magazine.

Dates/Times: Beginning Friday, Nov 27 thru Jan 3, 2016, 6 pm to 10 pm,
nightly (rain or clear skies).

Location: 2719 Oakdale Street S, St. Petersburg, FL

Directions: Take I-275 to exit 22 (old exit 9), which is 175E. Turn
right on 4th St., heading south. Go 1 mile, crossing over 22nd Ave S.
Next street on left is Oakdale. Go 2 blocks, park or look.


FREE and fun for the whole family...Since 1977.
TampaBay FL
West Coast Players presents CALENDAR GIRLS by Tim Firth
Nov 29
West Coast Players presents the funny and touching CALENDAR GIRLS by Tim Firth, directed by Tom Costello, January 15 – February 7, 2016.

CALENDAR GIRLS is based on a true story about a group of women who decide to raise money for a new settee in the hospital waiting room by posing partially nude for their fundraising calendar.

The ensemble cast includes Donna Donnelly, Cherie Aubury, Elizabeth Bell, Janice Creneti, Trish Farber, and Susan Gill as the actual Calendar Girls.

And as an extra touch, do not buy your 2016 calendars'll want to get the WCP Calendar Girls calendar as soon as it’s available. Proceeds will be shared with the Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS) at hospitals of Morton Plant Mease, a part of BayCare Health System.

Performances are January 15 – February 7, 2016.

Friday and Saturday performances are at 8 pm.

Sunday matinees at 2 pm.

Tickets are $19. Student Discount Tickets are $15.

Group Discounts available for parties of 10 or more.

To book your tickets: Call 727-437-2363, email,
or visit the website to purchase your tickets on-line.

Please note: this play includes adult themes and partial nudity.

West Coast Players Theatre is located at 21905 US 19 North, Clearwater, FL. Directions to the theatre can be found at

West Coast Players is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.
TampaBay FL

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