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Bassist Wanted - clearwater, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 09-22-2015 ... 17:15 EST
working cover band seeks bassist asap. we are booked! travel sometimes required. looking for a pro, good gear, fast learner, knows RUSH tunes!, open to run a direct rig for small clubs, can sing lead or strong backing, must have a cool young rocker look! talent is important, for this gig so is image. please submit a video when responding. we also do an OZZY/SABBATH tribute band and an original band. one group of guys, three facets. visit for songlist. ... 109894 ... Contact:

Drummer Available - Crystal River, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 07-29-2015 ... 12:08 EST
DRUMMER AVAILABLE- CLASSIC ROCK- heavier side of. & Originals.looking for established band. I do live in Crystal River, Flaso be close. tonyd 352-586-3022 ... 8469733 ... Contact: tonyd 352-586-3022

Drummer Wanted - st pete/ clearwater, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 07-26-2015 ... 13:38 EST
experienced lineup seeks solid drummer for classic hard rock and metal band, covers and originals for more information call 727 219-7152 or 727 804-5864 ... 2516012 ... Contact:

Drummer Wanted - Clearwater, FL ... Submitted: 07-09-2015 ... 14:52 EST
TOMMY ROXX (& NUTHIN' FANCY) is looking for a new full time drummer. TOMMY ROXX is an original/cover band with one CD out and a second one in the works. NUTHIN' FANCY is the ultimate Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute experience with National exposure. ~ You would get to be in BOTH bands.You must be able to play multiple styles. You need to be able to play Southern Rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, & the Allman Brothers, Classic Rock like Bad Co, Stevie Ray & Bob Seger, Nugent, and Dance Funk Soul styles as well. You must be a real team player, no drug or alcohol issues, and a pro attitude and gear etc.....NOTE: If you don't have a day job or other means of survival ~ you will not make a living playing in this band - we do it for the music and the fun.... ... ... 7406087 ... Contact: Tommy 727-204-0491

Vocalist Wanted - Clearwater to Spring Hill, TampaBay Area FL ... Submitted: 06-04-2015 ... 13:24 EST
We are an established Doo Wop Group,We are in need of a first or second tenor. The group has been together forover eight years.If you fit the bill, and are serious about singing.Contact us, and help us keep the music alive. Contact ... 9082997 ... Contact: Call Bill at ( 727 484 5308 )

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Gulfport Art & Gallery Walk – Saturday, October 17
Oct 12
Visit Gulfport Florida on Saturday, October 17, Gulfport’s third Saturday Art & Gallery Walk! The event, produced by the Gulfport Merchants Association, takes place from 6-10 pm every first Friday and third Saturday – rain or shine, all year round, and is home to dozens of artisans and craftsmen each month. This month’s selections may include but are not limited to: wood crafts, sculpture, handmade/designed clothing and accessories, imported metal art, painted glass, handmade candles, aromatherapy, massage, shell crafts, clay art, jewelry, upcycled items, body products, pet products, authors, and more.
For your musical entertainment, live musicians appear at several venues throughout the waterfront district including Urban Gypsies, Double M Band, Henry Ashwood and Pete n’ Me to name a few.
Art Walk spans 6 city blocks that includes more than 35 unique and locally owned shops, businesses, boutiques, galleries, bars, and restaurants. Over the last few years, several new art venues have popped up around town including Domain Home Accessories & Gallery, Country Harvest Craft Studio, Suzanne Vernon Mosaics, August Vernon Studios, Rejoys, Portspace Art Gallery, ProjectFree Gallery & Studio, and Pitzen Studios. Gulfport’s Historic Waterfront Arts District is also known as one of the foremost dining destinations in the Tampa Bay area, featuring over a dozen delicious restaurants, and all are within walking distance.
This week’s Meet the Artist reception at Domain Home Accessories & Gallery will welcome “flame-chased metal” artist Kevin Webb. Webb’s metal “creatures” incorporate his own signature method of coloring and curing, resulting in bright, swirling hues. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvre will be offered during the event.
There is no admission fee for visitors and complimentary parking is available nearby with courtesy trolley rides available to and from off-site parking areas. Gulfport events are always pet and family friendly. Art Walk is located near the surrounding area of 3129 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707.
New vendor applications are now being accepted. Vendor information can be found at For general information, follow us on Facebook, visit us at or or call 727-322-5217.
News From David W. Jolly US Congressman for District 13
Oct 12
We will be unveiling nine Little Free Libraries around Pinellas County. If you are not familiar with the Little Free Library program, these are “take a book, leave a book” libraries” that are designed to encourage kids to read by making books easily accessible and at no cost.
With your help, we can fully stock these libraries and encourage the love of reading for children throughout our community. So if you have any new or gently used children’s books to donate, please drop them off at one of my district offices before November 10th.

David W. Jolly
Member of Congress
US Congressman for District 13

St. Petersburg Office
425 22nd Ave N, Suite C
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
Phone: (727) 823-8900
Fax: (727) 821-0484

Seminole Office
9210 113th Street
Seminole, FL 33772
Phone: (727) 392-4100
Fax: (727) 392-4989 St. Petersburg Office
425 22nd Ave N, Suite C
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
Phone: (727) 823-8900
Fax: (727) 821-0484 North County Office
29275 U.S. Hwy. 19 N.
Clearwater, FL 33761
Phone: (727) 781-4400
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Oct 06

With the recording Nanda Devi, Hans Christian -- one of the modern masters of new age music -- has created a musical ode to the sacred mountain Nanda Devi in Northern India; and, as one of the tallest peaks in the world, it symbolizes nature’s beauty, spiritual power and a place of quiet serenity outside the reach of modern civilization.

Hans Christian is best-known for his cello playing (“always my first instrument”), but he also has increasingly turned to playing real ethnic world-music instruments. On this album he also performs on an Indian sitara (small sitar), an Indian sarangi (a bowed short-necked stringed instrument), the Swedish nyckelharpa (key fiddle), an Indian dhilruba (bowed sitar), an Indian swaramandala (autoharp), a medieval psaltery (small bowed harp), a lapsteel guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, harmonium, bamboo flute, udu (an African percussion pot), an Indian tampura (strings used as drone), ethnic percussion (such as frame drums and bells), Tibetan bowls and some electronic keyboards (“for enhancements”). He even uses water droplets as a rhythmic earth-sound.

Nanda Devi can be found in the CD format in music stores and new age lifestyle shops across the United States as well as online, while digital downloads of the music are available at all the major internet music stores such as iTunes and Amazon. For more information about Hans Christian and his recordings, go to NewEarthRecords dot com or HansChristianMusic dot com.

Hans Christian, originally from Germany, started his musical career in Los Angeles in the 1980s as a sought-after bass-player (Robbie Robertson, Sparks, members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others). Soon Christian branched out as a recording engineer and producer as well. In addition to becoming a solo artist with his recordings and tours, he also co-founded the popular world-music group RASA with his musical partner, the Sanskrit-bhajans vocalist Kim Waters. Christian also has joined the GuruGanesha Band for several extensive North American tours. He is an artist-in-residence with Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School which has allowed him rare, repeated access to the architecturally-famous Chartes Cathedral in France where he has performed concerts and recorded. Nanda Devi is being played on hundreds of radio stations as part of the daily Echoes syndicated radio show, and some of Christian’s most recent recordings, Hidden Treasures and You Are the Music of My Silence went to #1 on the Echoes monthly chart and were named the “CD of the Month” by this program.

Now with Nanda Devi, Christian says, “The music on this CD is intended to create a space of serenity, room to breathe in, an expanded perspective on life that might allow us to relax for a moment. It was my intention to compose music, expressed through my own musical language, that would be suitable for different kinds of listening environments including meditation, yoga, balancing and deep listening. At the same time I also wanted to highlight an interesting combination of string instruments in an ever-changing dialogue weaving a tapestry of melodies, colors and patterns. So Nanda Devi is also a CD of musical and sonic experimentation.”

Additionally Christian uses the music to explore the theme of the sacredness of nature and the inspirational quality of the tallest points on our planet. “The music on this CD is like a soundtrack to a majestic mountain,” explains Christian, “such as the sacred mountain Nanda Devi in Northern India. May we absorb the strength and serenity and beauty of this mountain as we listen to this music.”

Nandi Devi is one of the most magnificent mountains in the world, standing 25,645 feet tall
(7817 meters), one of the reigning natural monoliths of the Himalaya Mountains, a range that extends 1,500 miles on the border between India and Tibet, and contains the world’s highest mountains. Nanda Devi is notable for its steep rise above surrounding terrain (it rises 21,300 feet above the Gori Ganga Valley to the west). It was considered the world’s highest peak until surveyed by Western scientists in 1808. The ascent of Nanda Devi necessitated 50 years of arduous exploration in search of a passage and it was finally climbed in 1936 by a combined British-American expedition (and it remained the highest peak climbed by man until 1950). The main summit stands guarded by a barrier ring of huge mountains (12 exceed 21,000 feet) further elevating its sacred status, and the interior of this ring is known as the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, protected by a national park and a biosphere reserve, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In acknowledgement of its religious significance and fragile eco-system, the peak and sanctuary were closed to both locals and climbers in 1983.

More pertinent to Hans Christian’s musical tribute, the name Nanda Devi means “Bliss-Giving Goddess.” The peak is regarded as the patron-goddess of the Uttarakhand Himalaya region of India and has sacred status as the twin daughters of the Himalaya in Indian myth and folklore. The top is actually formed with two peaks, the higher one known as Nanda and the slightly lower eastern summit known as Sunanda (which means “Pleasing”), named after the goddesses with those names who have been worshipped as twins in India for several thousand years (those goddesses appear in ancient Sanskrit literature).

Hans Christian captures the breath-taking sight of the mountain and the spiritual feelings that Nanda Devi inspires. He specifically spotlights various aspects of Nanda Devi and the surrounding area on tracks titled “Majestic Mountain,” “Sunanda,” “She Who Brings Bliss” and “Valley of the Gori Ganga.” He sets the mood of a day at the foot of the massif with the tunes “First Light” and “Between Dusk and Dawn.” Christian gets more personal with tunes characterized as “My Inner Ascent” and “Eternal Spring.” Musically the long drawn-out bowed notes from his cello create a meditative reverie in sound, but the many world-flavored instruments, especially those associated with India, give the music the flavor of a trek (physically or mentally) to the top of the world.

Christian’s music is contemplative, reflective, profound, compassionate, transcendent, passionate, emotional, ecstatic, soulful, colorful, lyrical, deep, exotic, explorative, expressive and devotional. He mixes the elements of space and silence into his work. His music inspires and encourages relaxation, introspection and soul-healing.

He first came into prominence as an in-demand session musician and performed on recordings by pop, rock and folk artists such as Robbie Robertson (The Band, Bob Dylan), Victoria Williams, Sparks, Gene Clark (The Byrds) and Carla Olson, Toni Childs, and Amoeba. After Christian became known for his own music in the new age and world-fusion genres, he was asked to guest on albums by Vas, Krishna Das, Robert Rich and Andrew Harvey. Christian also has assisted many artists on the technical side of recording (producing, engineering and mastering): Jai Uttal, Ancient Future, Habib Khan, Silvia Nakkach, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, Suzanne Teng and Girish. Christian also has produced numerous thematic new age recordings such as Chakra Healing Chants and Silent Moonlight Meditation.

Christian began his solo recording career in 1994 with Phantoms followed the albums Surrender, Light & Spirit, Cinema of Dreams, Sancta Camisia: Cello Improvisations at Chartes Cathedral, Undefended Hearts, All is Well, Rumi Symphony (with Andrew Harvey), You Are the Music of My Silence and Hidden Treasures. In addition, Christian has recorded numerous albums with his band RASA including Devotion, Union, Rasa in Concert, Shelter, Temple of Love and Saffron Blue (the latter three are available from New Earth Records).

“On Nanda Devi I am combining an unusual selection of string instruments to create meditative music that is fairly unique in its blend of sounds and melodies,” explains Hans Christian. “I composed the music and played all the instruments. It took me nine months to record the album. I hope that listeners will enjoy it.”
Music CD Release
Oct 06


Pianist Dan Chadburn’s new album, Keys of Light, honors various people whose lives have touched this musician with friendship, love, companionship, teaching, innocence lost, courage, peace and memories. “I truly believe every person has a unique gift to offer,” says Chadburn. “So I arranged each of the twelve pieces in a different musical key to symbolize the many and varied opportunities we have to bring light to this world.”

Chadburn goes on to say that “lives touch lives. That is what living is all about. Light connotes living and growing. Someone else’s light can be a positive force or an inspiration for others. Even after death there are people who leave some of their light behind to mark a path for others to follow, or that individual’s light could also illuminate some fond memories for the people whose lives were touched. Besides musical keys, the other meaning of the album title is that there are many main attributes of light in our lives.”

On previous recordings the classically-trained Chadburn has sometimes recorded solo piano and other times has mixed his piano with classical orchestral instrumentation. On Keys of Light he does both. The album begins and ends with the spotlight solely on Chadburn playing an acoustic grand piano (and one other tune in the middle also is solo). The rest of the material features additional instruments such as flute, English horn, French horn, violin, viola and cello as well as the occasional sounds of a synthesizer.

This is Dan Chadburn’s fifth album. Solo Piano, Reflections, Whispers the Falling Snow, Nocturnes and Keys of Light are available at his website (DanChadburn dot com) and as CDs and digital downloads at a variety of online sales sites including CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and many others. Whispers the Falling Snow and Nocturnes both received extensive worldwide airplay and went Top 10 on the international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart, and Top 5 on the international One World Music Chart (with Whispers also named by both ZMR and OWM as one of the Top 5 Solo Piano Music Albums of the Year).

The original compositions on Keys of Light include tributes to people Chadburn has known -- “Tacoma Morning” for Dr. Calvin Knapp (his piano professor and mentor at college), “Paul’s Prayer” for Paul Florentino (a friend, doctor and deputy commander of medical services at the National Naval Medical Center), “With You Always” for Chadburn’s parents (“for their encouragement and support of my musical efforts”), and “My Irish Love” for Tom Nichols (“my husband, partner and co-producer”).

However, Chadburn also extended tributes to young men whose deaths profoundly affected other people’s lives -- “Tyler’s Tribute” for Tyler Clementi (“cyberbullying led to the tragic suicide of this talented violinist and student at Rutgers University”), and “Matthew” for Matthew Shepard (“a gentle soul who was abducted and murdered merely because he was gay”). Their legacies include the foundations set up in their names (tylerclementi dot org and matthewshepard dot org).

Other music on the album had different inspirations -- “Diamond in the Sky” for Chadburn’s dog and longtime companion Kya, “Chesapeake Sail” for a special day of sailing with friends on Chesapeake Bay, “To the Heavens” (“a prayer, a wish, a hope for humankind”), and “Beyond the Rain” (“after the tempest dissipates, it invites introspection and acceptance”). The album ends with one of the few non-original pieces that Chadburn has recorded; in this case a solo piano version, partially-improvised, of the lovely Chicago tune “Colour My World” written by James Pankow.

A native of Oregon, Dan began taking piano lessons when he was nine years old and continued through high school where he also served as the accompanist for the choral groups and stage plays. Several times in junior high and high school, he was selected as an Oregon Music Teacher's Association (O.M.T.A.) syllabus winner, which resulted in his performing in recitals on the state level. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance at Pacific Lutheran University, and began playing electronic synthesized keyboards. Chadburn moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Film Scoring Program at UCLA. Soon he was scoring for film and television and working as a session musician.

Chadburn wanted to expand his musical vision so he moved to London and studied ElectroAcoustic Composition under two pioneers in the field, Denis Smalley and Simon Emmerson. “I was very grateful for the opportunity to learn from these two masters in the genre and grow as a composer. This was a non-traditional form of composition that some would say was on the outskirts of avant-garde. In this genre, traditional instruments and melody are frequently absent. My primary focus was to record odd sounds, transform them with audio processing, and insert them into symphonic works. For one piece, 'Dreams,' I recorded and altered sounds made by various kitchen items such as jelly beans dropped into a bowl, spatulas hitting cake pans, water shaken in a jar, portable oven timers, etc., ultimately creating a surreal collage of sound to represent what one might hear and see after falling asleep. Chadburn earned his Masters of Music degree in ElectroAcoustic Composition from London’s City University.

Chadburn’s performance venues have included Carnegie Hall in New York City, Symphony Hall in Boston and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Additionally, his choral compositions have been recorded and performed in the Concert Hall of The Kennedy Center. Over the years Chadburn has been inspired by the music of George Winston, John Williams, Michael Buble, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Claude Debussy, Frederic Chopin, Sergei Prokofiev, Itzhak Perlman, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Barbra Streisand.

After moving to the Washington, DC, area, Chadburn began writing and recording hundreds of improvisational piano themes which led to his first album, Solo Piano. The Washington Area Music Association nominated the album for “Best New Age Recording” in the WAMA Awards, and Chadburn was nominated for “Best New Age Instrumentalist.” His second recording, Reflections, included other musicians on viola, French horn, flute and English horn, plus on one track the singing of Tom Nichols, Chadburn’s longtime musical partner and producer. Chadburn's Nocturnes, again with additional instrumentation, earned a WAMA nomination for Best Classical Recording while Chadburn was nominated as Best Classical Instrumentalist.

Chadburn has been featured (alongside other pianists such as Suzanne Ciani, Spencer Brewer and Robin Spielberg) on several compilation recordings produced for charitable causes, including The Heart Aid Project which benefited the victims of the 9/11 tragedy and their families. Among Chadburn’s other special projects was a single, “Promise of Hope,” he wrote and recorded for a philanthropic program run by Choice Hotels International and benefiting The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and Metropolitan Baltimore. With Nocturnes Chadburn continued to donate to worthwhile causes. Proceeds from “Peter’s Theme” on that album are donated to The Peter Fox Project which in turn benefits the Sitar Arts Center in Washington, an after-school youth organization for the arts. In addition, the tune “Anne’s Lullaby” benefits The National Family Resiliency Center “to preserve a sense of family and foster healthy relationships.” In 2014 and 2015, Chadburn and Nichols performed benefit concerts to raise funds for the Florence Area Humane Society (a “no kill” shelter) in Oregon.

“I wrote the original music on Keys of Light to celebrate friendship and to honor the memories of those who have touched my life and the lives of others in profound ways,” states Chadburn. “Friendship, love and music all bring light into this world. Even with heartache in the darkness, a light comes through. I wanted this music to serve as a reflection and celebration of the positive side of life despite whatever sadness and adversity we go through.”
Music CD Release
West Coast Players presents THE SONGS OF LIFE, November 6-22, 2015
Oct 05
West Coast Players will present, THE SONGS OF LIFE, a concert of Broadway Songs in the Key of Life, conceived by local actor and director Ron Zietz.

Music scores the stories of our lives. Join us as the area’s most talented performers sing new and beloved songs about life’s journey: from birth, growing up, facing challenges, falling in love, success and failure, to growing old, and being remembered.

THE SONGS OF LIFE features Cherie Albury, Scott Hamilton, Francesca Guanciale Jay, Michael Silvestri, Stu Sanford, Ben Taylor, Jessica Ulbrich, and Nancy Wright with musical direction by Donna Grabill.

Performances are November 6-22, 2015
Friday and Saturday performances are at 8 pm.
Sunday matinees at 2 pm.

Tickets are $19. Student Discount Tickets are $15.
Group Discounts available for parties of 10 or more.

To book your tickets: Call 727-437-2363, email,
or visit the website to purchase your tickets on-line.

West Coast Players Theatre is located at 21905 US 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33765. Directions to the theatre can be found at

West Coast Players is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.
TampaBay FL
Sep 02
Sacred Alliance

Sacred Alliance is Anima's latest album, an instrumental journey through mountains, forests and sacred lands, carrying the energy of the sacred alliance that grows as we come into alignment with the Divine and the essence of our soul. It is a ground-breaking collection of music, produced and mastered in native DSD – super high resolution audio.

This is a very special album from UK-based group Anima who produce music sensitively attuned to the realms of the Earth, the stars and the essence of being. There are nine tracks, each delicately crafted to transport you to the deep inner realms of the spirit, and carry you into states of relaxation and peace as the music envelops you in its subtle layers and waves of harmonic sounds.

The mystery and grace of the all-pervading essence of the Divine Feminine permeates this music and swells through each piece. Each track tells its own story:

The Great Mother is the one who gives birth to all of life. She is the living, breathing soul of the world. We are each born of pure spirit and we incarnate into our Earthly bodies to be caretakers of the world. By following the true calling of our hearts, we walk in sacred alliance, and are held within the “Great Mother’s Dominion”, receiving her blessings and protection in our daily lives.

In order to live in resonance with our heart and soul, and with the Sacred, we need to let go of our fears, and to give ourselves fully in trust and “Surrender” to love.

“Sewa” is about the love we have from being in service to the Divine, and a light in the world. It is about the joy and unwavering dedication that arises when we are living in resonance with our true purpose.

All of our Earth is sacred – created by the Divine in harmony and love. Upon this Earth there are special places that carry power and ancient wisdom, which need to be respected and protected in order to maintain balance and harmony in the world – something that is still recognised and held with great importance by indigenous peoples. These places are known as sacred sites or “Sacred Lands.”

“Offering” is that which pours from our hearts in reciprocity for the gift of life and all that we receive. It allows us to continue and be blessed with the sacred alliance that comes through right relationship with the land, the spiritual realms and each other.

“Camino de Pedro” is about stepping up onto our true paths despite the challenges we have to overcome. As we find our way back to our hearts and reconnect with the essence of Nature, we reconnect with the heart of the world, with “Gonawindua”.

Since humans first inhabited this world, our precious Earth has been looked after and cared for by the indigenous peoples who have carried the knowledge of the ancient and sacred ways of harmony. “Kogi Transmission” is a song to honour the guardians and Elder Brothers of our world.

The “Ancestral Fathers of the Stars” are our ancestors and the ones who watch over and guide us. The grandmothers and grandfathers of the stars shine and sing in the heavens and celebrate the ever-unfolding rhythms of life and creation.

Sacred Alliance was written and produced by composer / instrumentalist / producer Ali Calderwood, featuring Anima’s vocalist / songwriter Daniela Broder (track 2) and composer Pete Calderwood (track 6). As independent artists and a duo, Anima have forged an engaging new style of world / new age / sacred music, blending meditative and rich soundscapes, ethereal, nurturing vocals, medicine songs and sacred sounds with a variety of world instruments and healing frequencies. Through exquisitely crafted recordings, Anima weave emotive tapestries of sound and vibration that touch the heart and soul, moving the listener into deep states of stillness, peace and presence.

Sacred Alliance was produced and mastered in the ultra-high resolution audio format of DSD, using state of the art recording technology which captures more of the full sonic spectrum of sound. Anima’s Music has received international acclaim for its profound ability to assist in the healing and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit, and now with their music produced in this higher resolution, listeners have access to an even wider range of frequencies to fully immerse themselves within. The DSD format (available as a digital download from their website) has 64 times the sonic resolution of a typical CD, and exudes a much sweeter, organic sound with a greater depth, warmth and spaciousness. The increased sonic bandwidth enhances the spectrum of healing frequencies transmitted through the music, allowing the listener to receive the highest vibration and transmission from the sounds.

The CDs, pressed by Sony, are beautifully manufactured and come in high quality plastic free eco-softpacks. Sacred Alliance is also available to download in MP3 along with a selection of high-resolution formats including FLAC, DSD and DXD.

Ali and Daniela have both spent considerable time living with indigenous elders and teachers, studying ancient ways of ceremony, spirit medicine, yoga and the use of sacred sound. Anima is a word found in various languages and cultures, and means soul, breath, air, life force and feminine spirit energy. It is this sacred energy of the Great Mother that inspires their work with sound and music, and how they live their lives. Based in a remote location, totally off-grid in the highlands of Scotland, the electricity for powering the studio and creating the music is provided by Nature through the renewable energy sources of water and sunlight.

Anima have now released 15 titles, including the best-selling album Sound Medicine, their award-winning album Light of Aluna and two compilation high resolution audio SACD's released in Japan.
Music CD Release
Out of USA


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